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Camping sites
Where are all the camp sites in NZ? Which ones are pet friendly? Visit to find a camp-site that will meet all your requirements.

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Welcome to HTNZ

housetruck [n., adj. hous-trûk]
A heavy motor vehicle designed for carrying a structure serving as a dwelling for one or more persons, especially for a family.

Housetruck, housebus, motorhome, motorcaravan, mobilehome… whatever you call a home on wheels, in NZ, there are hundreds of vintage and classic housetrucks and housebuses as well as more modern styled coaches and extravagantly overpriced campervans.

Gypsy Travellers Fair NZ. Update

Hi all. The Gypsy Travellers (not the Gypsy Fair) are due in Dannevirke A & P Showgrounds on the 10th/11th Jan. And Havelock North Domain for the weekend of 17th/18th Jan. Then for those that are in Taradale they will be at Anderson Park on the 24th/25th Jan.  Please do stop in to say hello.

South Island campers being watched, still.

It seems that if you wish to freedom camp in some parts of the South Island, then you may be watched. So we recommend that you show concern for our great country and do the right thing.

Gypsy Travellers Fair New Zealand

The Gypsy Travellers are currently in Petone and will be there for the 22nd, 23rd, 26th and 27th Dec 2014.

From 31st Dec until 4th Jan they will be in Masterton.

They do have a Facebook page if you wish to contact them.  (Facebook) Gypsy Travellers Fair New Zealand.

We are the champions, again.

Not only do we have the best rugby team, but now we are the best country on the world.

10 reasons why NZ is the best.

The story says it all really. This shows that we do have a lot of good here.

We are number one..

A recent study showed that NZ is the best place to be if you are a solo traveller.  Check out the link.  Number one

Need a place to park your truck/bus while in Rotorua?

This article shows that Rotorua are working at being Camper friendly.  Camping friendly It seems that more and more councils are thinking of the travelling spenders. As with all offers of free, or cheap, accommodation please be respectful.


Freedom campers welcomed for a week

Saw this and thought of our travelling friends. Even those having a short trip holiday.
Shows that some councils are actually getting on board with reality.

Interested in road racing?

This was posted on the NZMCA website.


Keen on road racing? Targa New Zealand wants you: Targa NZ would like to enquire as to the availability of NZMCA Members who may like to assist as Officials at the event in exchange for which Targa provides fuel and accommodation allowance to contribute towards costs. This will allow NZMCA members to enjoy a subsidised holiday in the South Island while at the same time being involved with one of New Zealand’s top international events. NZCMA members can help out for one day or several days or for those that are very keen we have a number of vacancies for stage timing team members who would be involved with the event for the full week. For interested parties pls contact Gary Upson,, 09 298 8322. Event runs from Oct 27 to 2nd November 2014.

Chch Council are now watching Freedom Campers

This article shows that there are still some people who need to be potty-trained.

Chch new staffer for Freedom Campers