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Where are all the camp sites in NZ? Which ones are pet friendly? Visit to find a camp-site that will meet all your requirements.

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Mobile HTNZ

Have mobilised the HTNZ site. The next time you visit the site on your mobile, you will get a crisp clean, easy to use interface. Still playing around with it and if you find yourself looking at a mobile view when not actually on a mobile, use the link at the foot of the page to switch to the normal desktop view.

Also added a few new pictures to the housetruck and housebuses gallery.

Do me a favour? If you know about any of the trucks or buses displayed on this site, send me some history on it will ya? Not necessarily its COF history, but more along human story perspective, about an experience with said vehicle. It’s all good looking at the pics, but it would be way cooler to have a little bit of a story behind them as well.

2 comments to Mobile HTNZ

  • I just found your site via Mr Sharkey. I’m pleased to see you’re sticking around. I will make sure I come back too!

  • Hey Stu
    Our dear Government is proposing a law change to re classify road user charges. People will be charged at a rate a mobile home will never reach. My truck is 6.8 and I will be paying for 10.
    The NZMCA has a downloaded PDF to send into parliament otherwise write to Gerry Brownlee
    Parliament Buildings
    Private Bag 18042
    Wellington 6160
    To make your objections known to the Minister as many will be affected

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