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Bargys Magic DenWhat is your vehicles name?
My bus is called “Bargy’s Magic Den”

What age were you first introduced to this lifestyle?
When I was a teenager.

What made you choose this lifestyle?
I have always fancied it.

Do you remember your first housebus/truck?
Yes. It was a rare Daihatsu Twin Cab.

Did you build it yourself or buy ready made or a bit of both?
Bit of both

How did you heat it in the winter?
I have a diesel heater installed.

Have you ever had any major mechanical difficulties?
Nothing too serious so far. I did have a problem with a blown clutch once.

What tools can you simply not do without?
My sewing machine.

How did you earn an income while travelling?
I am a member of the Gypsy Travellers.

How long would you park up for in between ventures?
Up to a week, depending on the venues.

Did you do a lot of travelling off the beaten track?
Yes. Sometimes

Have you travelled in a housebus/motorhome overseas?

What was your most favourite place to stay in NZ?
Tinopai. (So far)

How did you work out where you were going next?
Mainly used the Gypsy Travellers event diary

Did you find yourself stopping regularly to take in the sights?
Yes. Nature has many wonderful things to offer.

In NZ, what was the best island for roads to travel? north or south?

Would you prefer to stay in a motorcamp or find a friendly farmer or other landowner?
Either is fine.

How do you spend your time in the evenings?
Mostly reading books.

Do you play any instruments?

Describe the best thing about being able to travel in a housebus?
Different views every day, if I want.

How many people did you travel with?
In the bus I travel alone. But with the Gypsy Travellers I have many travel companions.

What would you most like to forget?
I forget

Have you met any “famous” people on the road?
Mark Ellis when he came to a Gypsy Travellers event to do a TV show.

How did other people you meet on your travels interact with you?
Mostly they are friendly.

Any tips for prospective housebussers and road folk starting out?
Live harmoniously. Have a good map book and or GPS

What sort of vehicle would you recommend for potential travellers of NZ?
That mainly depends on what the traveller wants. But walkthru access to driving is best.

Do you think anyone thinking about getting into a housebus these days should look at the classics, or should they look towards a more modern rolling home?
It is a personal choice.

What’s the one thing in your housebus you can’t possibly do without?
My solar panel.

What do you think is the toughest thing about travelling around in a bus these days?
Depends on the bus size, but for me sometimes parking.

Did you have the toys? motorbikes, boats etc while travelling?

What was your most memorable moment or period while on the road?
Any time i get to see the beauty of nature.

…and finally, are you still on the road?

Some additional thoughts…

If you are on your own in your bus/truck, I recommend a 4 legged companion.
It is a great lifestyle and NZ is a beautiful country.
I advise joining the NZMCA.
I also suggest a decent size fridge.

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