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Images of small housetrucks, big housetrucks, medium housetrucks, cute housetrucks, darn ugly housetrucks and any other type housetruck you can think of.

After clicking the image you want to see, use the navigation tools on the image to view the next file or simply leave as the images will auto scroll every 5 seconds

1962 Diesel Tiger Leyland
1962 Diesel Tiger Leyland
1978 J5 Bedford
1978 J5 Bedford
1987 Ford Hino
1987 Ford Hino
1982 Isuzu
1982 Isuzu
1947 Bedford
1947 Bedford
1952 Bedford
1952 Bedford
1975 Hino
1975 Hino
1961 Austin
1961 Austin
Mack Fire truck converted to a classy looking housetruck. Internal access through a porthole in the cab ceiling.
Mack Fire truck converted to a classy looking housetruck. Internal access through a porthole in the cab ceiling.

34 comments to Housetrucks

  • spuddy

    Hi , Need some help , what is a good wood fire to put in a small bus ,both for heat and use for cooking ,has to be small. thanks

  • denise trim

    My sister has a house truck she is wanting to move into. Her partner built it and made his own manual but she doesn’t understand it. They have separated and he has left the country. Does anyone know where she could get some help with this. The bus is located in kingseat auckland

  • Megan

    HI all
    New Zealand is about to get its own series of Grand Designs and the production company making the show are currently looking for some challenging unique and interesting builds. Has anyone got a grand designs house truck or house bus in the offing. If so please contact or phone (09) 376 6761

  • Handy_handle

    Grant. In response to your request. The option of where to put your door is entirely up to you. It has to be where you want it as no one else will be living in the truck/bus. That is the marvel of a private built housetruck/bus. Every one has its own personality. I hope this helps.

  • Grant

    Forgot to mention that my wife and family lived for 11 years in a housebus we built. Now the kids have grown up we want to introduce our grandkids to the lifestyle we found so relaxing for that period.Loved it and looking forward to getting that old feeling back.

  • Grant

    I am building a housetruck shortly and before going ahead with my design I wondered what the advantages were on the house door being on the rear as opposed to say midway down the side? A lot of housetrucks have the door at the rear and I thought there may have been a sound reason for this.

  • Can you please promote this competition – I would like to see house truckers represented in the book. I have just launched this photo comp and I thought your work would be a good fit. Call me Kiwi National Photography Competition, Theme: Photos of people that shows our uniqueness as New Zealanders. Its aim is to promote up and coming New Zealand photographers. It’s open to amateur and professional photographers. Click on the link for details…Cheers, Renee

  • stu

    thanks Nyk. great looking truck

  • Here is another Housetruck for your collection. It has a balcony. I saw it near Nelson NZ while on holiday in 2006.
    Cheers, Nyk.

  • Kate

    Are there pictures of any of the interiors? That would be lovely. I would really like to see them to get some good ideas and to see how others have done it.

  • paul James Roche

    early next year to escape having to pay rent and mortgage have no money to buy one with at present

  • paul James Roche

    hi can some one help me get an j2 Bedford have an old ambulance that i may swap with some cash paid with deal later one that wont need to much work or if that big dream of mine to live in one in in Wellington city thanx

  • Agnès Prunetti

    Hello everybody,
    I’m writing from France and I’m looking for someone who can help me to buy a housetruck. I know that I’m very far away from you but I do really love housetrucks and I really need help. There are no housetruck for sale in France but New-Zeland seems to be the right country for them…Thanks in advance and kindest regards, Agnès

  • Kyn Darrah

    The original designer and builder of the Burgandy Kenworth K100 flat nose HT is Kyn Darrah,who lived with his family travelling up and down New Zealand for a number of years, Then settled in the far north, where he is a photographer. You can see his work at Darrah.

  • joshua

    Hi my names josh. i was one of the lucky second gens of house truckers, i got spend the first years of my life in a house truck. unfortunately its so far back i dont remember really what it was like. but it is something i am proud of and im very thankful to my parents for giving me a an unique beginning to life, i think it has had a great affect on me, as subconcious as it may be. 25 years later i am now expecting my first child, and i now also hope at some stage will also be able to share this unique lifestyle with my beautiful girlfriend and our child, even if it is only for a season.
    i hope to see my long lost travelling whanau again on the road,
    jah bless

  • Anna

    Hi there.
    I’m currently living in the orange Zone in Christchurch believing it is going to go red. I am a single mum of two and I’m looking at taking my kids on the road in a house truck. Still have to get an HT yet. But I’m sick of houses, sick of earthquakes and ready for a new lifesyle. I need help to find a truck or bus(prefer truck). And need help with how to school on the road. Any suggestion please.

  • Barbara

    Where is BOUNTY??? I sold my 74 Bedford truck to a lovely(pregnant)girl called Billie from Warkworth way, back in 2006/7.Have been thinking about them alot lately and was wondering if anyone knows of their whereabouts. The truck was christened Bounty by the builders, Shane and Leslie Moon from Kerikeri. She has a dark stained timber exterior with exposed native timber interior, 2 lofts, a red flower leadlight window above the cab, a small round window above the bathroom sink along with lots of other leadlights. Thanks for the website, it makes me miss her even more!

  • Handy_handle

    And also because yours is there, too? hahaha

  • Frann

    I just love this page. The Trucks are so inventive and stylish!

  • Mike

    Mikro I sent you an email. Did you get it?

  • Mike

    I am happy to show off my housetruck if you want to view. It is still a work in progress but mostly finished. It is liveable, but I am always finding things to alter or add, so the work continues.

  • Mike

    Hummel, which specific truck are you a fan of? Or was that referring to all house trucks in NZ?

  • Hummel

    Good morning,
    I am French and I am a big fan of your truck

  • Mike

    If you wish to build your own from scratch, then I am sure there will be a lot of people with ideas for you and it is up to you which one suits you. I usuallytell people that if they wish to take up the “road lifestyle” then they are best to buy a “home” about a year or so before they are ready to leave. Then go aay for weekends and holidays in there home. That way they can find anything that needs to be done and/or do changes to how they want things to work.
    Also if you chat to people who have “home-made” mobile homes then some are more than happy to allow you to look thru theirs. I am happy to have you look thru my bus (Austin WEK shown) if that helps you with your plans of what you want.
    But I strongly believe that if you are destind to have something it will happen…usualy when you least expect it.

    Good luck

  • Nolan Loveridge

    Hi Dave,many thanks for your reply. It is difficult to find out just what is for sale around the country and Trade Me mostly deals in buses or motorhomes with the occasional housetruck thrown in. However I will keep looking as a housetruck is exactly what I am looking for in preference to a bus or motorhome. Thanks once again, Nolan

  • Dave

    Hi Nolan, this site doesn’t have a “For Sale” section (though if enough interest, Stu could probably add one) and the images in the galleries are just that. Images that have been supplied by others, taken by Stu or garnered from sites like TM. I think some of the photos are quite possibly many years old, and any information displayed in the photos might well be out of date…A good image program might be able to help define the phone number.

  • Nolan Loveridge

    Thanks Mike, but you are right in that the Caravan association deals only in motorhomes, that is different to what I am looking for. In the right hand column of the page of photographs supplied there is a Bedford housetruck which seems to have a for sale sign on it. Its too hard to read the phone number. The photograph shows two little girls standing at the back door and the photo is six up from the bottom on the right side. It is exactly the sort of thing I am looking for. Any help in identifying that one would be tremendously recieved. Many thanks, Nolan

  • Mike

    One website I have seen it trademe. But there may be others. Although for mobile homes, as opposed to housetrucks/buses, are also advertised on the Motor Caravan Association websites “advertising” page or in their book.
    I hope this helps.

  • Nolan Loveridge

    I was wondering if anyone could please direct me to a site which advertises any of these house trucks for sale?

  • Mike

    If you miss the stay in a housetruck/bus then I am happy to let you borrow mine sometimes.
    You will need a class 2 license and have compassion for others road users as my bus not very
    But it does have plenty of room inside.
    I live in the Hutt Valley area.
    If that sounds like you then leave a reply here and I will arrange for you to view my bus. Anything to help out the “Housebus/truck” community and its supporters has ot be a good thing I

  • jennifer coker

    Oh my gosh!! I miss my daddy and my truck.
    hope you guys are having fun and earning heaps while im stuck in a 9-5 in wellington.
    Miss you guys heaps and the lifestyle as well.
    happy and safe travels my lil tinkers :)
    jen xxx

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